Event Space

What makes Skene House Rosemount's event space so special? Well the environment is pretty special, unique for Aberdeen. They're housed within the architecture of a converted church.  The church features a gothic-revival style and was designed by the famous Aberdonian architect R. G. Wilson.  

During the end of his apprenticeship he spent time working for Alexander "Greek" Thomson, in Glasgow, who himself was an architect of such stature that Frank Lloyd Wright was inspired by him.

Two of our function rooms, seating up to 45 each, are incredible conversions of the vaults in the arches under the viaduct (entirely Charles Skene's vision).  You need to see them to believe how clever the conversion is - the atrium, featuring glazed bricks, allows natural light to flood in. 

The acoustics in these rooms are amazing, due to the natural arch - Lulu thought so! She came to rehearse for her show at His Majesty's Theatre which is a 5 minute walk from Skene House Rosemount.

The other, seating up to 70, is on a mezzanine level overlooking Gilcomston Park - it can be split into two to allow for a breakout room or separate area for catering or to create a demonstration area. 

Contact us for further information by emailing stay@skene-house.co.uk or calling +44 (0)1224 659392

The Atriums (a.k.a The Bat Caves)

With their arched ceilings, and airy atmosphere, the twin functions rooms in the vaults, under the Viaduct, are nicknamed "Bat Caves".  They are both flooded with natural light, thanks to the 20 feet-high, glazed-brick atrium, and are totally adaptable for meetings or parties for up to 45 in each.

The Park Room opposite serves as both Skene House Rosemount's Breakfast Restaurant and as the venue for break outs and lunch or dinner.  Alternatively, hire both Atrium spaces and split your event across the two.  For example, you could hold your board meeting, u-shaped set-up, in one and lunch in the other; or, a cocktail reception in one, cabaret-style, and dinner in the other.

Contact us for further information by emailing stay@skene-house.co.uk or calling +44 (0)1224 659392

The Mezzanine

A flexible space, that can be divided into two, for up to 70 people theatre-style. You can lay it out in a variety of configurations for meetings or workshops or have it as an "empty space" for exhibitions, demonstrations or launches.  It could be styled as a dining room or as a cabaret set-up for networking or informal get-togethers. 

Room-hire only, day delegate packages and a variety of catering options mean you can design the event you want.  And with 37 of Skene House Rosemount's HotelSuites, and the Breakfast Restaurant, in the building you could accommodate the overnight requirements of your guests and attendees on-site and/or in the main building.

Group discounts, for 10 or more HotelSuites, are available to make a multi-day event at Skene House even more cost-effective.

Contact us for further information by emailing stay@skene-house.co.uk or calling +44 (0)1224 659392