We want our own bedrooms

We want separate living space

We want room to breathe

I want flexible space

I want tailor-made pricing

I want everyone catered for

I want home comforts

I want hotel services

I want excellent value for money

I want wi-fi

I want stir fry

I want space to think

We want space to share 

We want everything on the doorstep

We want our feet up and hair down

Skene House, a family business

Charles Skene’s original aim for Skene House, nearly 40 years ago, was to provide a better alternative to traditional hotel accommodation for the many families and individuals relocating to Aberdeen in the 1970s.  It's been an eventful four decades.  Read more to find out about the fact that Skene House is still a family business, owned and run by Charles Skene, his children and a team of hospitality professionals, from the GM, Melissa Gilchrist, to the Housekeeping team, who have been with the company for many years.

If you're interested in the evolution of Skene House, then scroll down for more information on our history.

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1955 - 1974

Charles Skene joined the family photographic firm of Studio Morgan, a family business that specialised in wedding and portraiture, following his National Service and a brief stint working in Glasgow apprenticed to a photographer, when he was just 20, in 1955. 

1975 - 1984

What could he do with 400 properties, the majority of which were in Aberdeen's city centre and west end?  In the 1970s the oil boom was generating opportunities for many local business people and Charles Skene was no exception. 

1985 - 1994

By the mid-eighties, Skene House Rosemount was clearly the flagship location for Skene House.  Its city centre location and proximity to all of Aberdeen's key leisure attractions, and within easy access of the train station and roads from the south and to the north made it ideal for business guests. 

1995 - 2004

By the mid-nineties, Charles was looking for a new project.  In 1996, following an investment of £7m, he developed the B-listed tenement buildings on Union Grove and Holburn Street, into Skene House Holburn, a luxury boutique HotelSuites development which included an Honour Bar, a Breakfast Restaurant and a Guest Lounge.

2005 - 2014

By 2005, Charles began to think that perhaps there were too many eggs in one basket. 

So what did Charles do? 

2015 - present day

The last few years have been challenging for Skene House.  A combination of external pressures, low oil price, increase in and a reclassification of our business rates and increasing competition from national and international chains, has made for difficult trading conditions.  Not to mention the uncertainty that surrounded the Scottish Independence referendum, and now Brexit.