I want to be able to go off course

I want somewhere to put my feet up

I want to cook up a storm, day and night

We want our own space

We want to play up

We want the room to breathe

I want wi-fi

I want stir fry

I want space to think

I want to get away from the office

I want to give the team a proper away day

I want something less corporate

I want my own apartment

I want space to think

I want parking to be taken care of

I want big names on my doorstep

I want it wrapped and delivered

I want my feet up and my hair down

I want my guests to get everything on their list

I want family accommodation. It's a family wedding!

I want my day and my guests to feel special

Always more accommodating

At Skene House you’re the one in control. Your own place. Your own kitchen. Your own bedroom. Your own bathroom. Your own front door. Your own apartment. For as long as you want. Business or leisure - stay your way. 

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There’s no such thing as hard work.

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