Partner Gym

Discover your active side with Skene House

Partnered with two of Aberdeen's advanced fitness centres, our partner gyms let you embark on or keep up with your fitness regime, or simply relax.

Contact Skene House by emailing or calling  +44 (0) 1224 659 392 

  • Nuffield Gym

    A fitness and health gym with a dedicated team of clinically trained experts to support you in achieving your fitness goals. High-tech gym equipment, classes and a wonderful swimming pool are all available here.

    Justice Mill Lane, Aberdeen, AB11 6EQ

    T: +44 (0) 1224 968 625

  • Aberdeen Sports Village

    Renowned as being the premier sport and exercise facility in Scotland with world-class facilities, Aberdeen Sports Village gives adults and children the opportunity to train like an athlete.

    Linksfield Road, Aberdeen, AB24 5RU

    T: +44 (0) 1224 438 900