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11 Mar

35 Years in the Life of....


Helen Fitzpatrick has been Mr Skene's  PA for just over 30 years; she has been with the company almost from the start, and we have a feeling she might have some good insights!

Claudia: How does the thought of 35 years of successful business make you feel?

Helen: It is great, because it is a family business, and it has grown very quickly. It has been very rewarding to take part in its growth. I have made good friends along the way, and we are stillfriends, even though some have retired! I am very proud, and I know Mr Skene is too.

Claudia: What are 2 main events that you can remember from this 35 year old history?

Helen: When Whitehall was opening in 1999, it was meant to be ready in time for Offshore Europe. It was an all hands on deck operation as we were behind. Everyone was there including Mr Skene and myself, we were all cleaning like crazy....it was good fun! There have been many events, it was always good to see everyone together having fun.

Claudia: Could you summarise 35 years of Skene House HotelSuites into 3 words?

Helen: Feels like yesterday!


Skene House in 1979 when Helen starred as a model for the very first brochure!

Our First Brochure

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