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03 Mar

Spotlight on Skene House Interior Design

Enjoy a relaxing drink from the Honour Bar, sink into the plush armchairs surrounded by 'well plumped' cushions, creating a sense of home comfort.

Comfortable, warm and welcoming reception lounge.

Bright and spacious bedrooms with plenty of storage makes your HotelSuite the perfect choice for long or short stays.

 Bright and SpaciousEvery Suite is Unique!

Choose from the extensive complimentary breakfast buffet in our designated breakfast restaurant. Comfortable breakfast dining with attentive staff, so don't rush off - read the papers at your leisure and why not upgrade to a cooked breakfast!

Holburn Breakfast Room

Staying true to our local surroundings you'll find a hint of Scottish design throughout.

A Touch of Tartan


Call today to reserve your suite: +44 1224 659 392+44 1224 659 392


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