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18 Aug

Teen Skene: Beach Snacks

With Aberdeen beach being very busy of recent, there are many locally run cafes that you can visit to grab a bite to eat to boost your energy!

 The Sanddollar, my favourite, is a great, friendly café, run by a bunch of great people! With an amazing menu ranging from waffles to fish and chips and different tray bakes, there literally is something to eat at any time of the day! The Sanddollar also open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings as a bistro which is also a great place to go for a bite to eat at night! They also host a Sunday carvery for £12.95 per person on every Sunday of each month, so if you are around, I would highly recommend a visit.

 The Pier Café/Bistro is another locally run business on the beach front in Aberdeen. Serving an array of Panini’s, sandwiches and snacks, it’s a great place to go with the family! However, it is marginally more expensive than the other beach cafes! It, like the Sanddollar, also opens up during the evenings of Fridays and Saturdays as a bistro.

 The Inversnecky is another popular beach café. It serves a lot of ‘snacky’ food such as bacon, eggs, etc. so it a good place to go for a light snack or even brunch. You can also grab an ice cream for a treat as you walk along the beach front!

 The Pavilion, is another café selling meals and snacks. However, it has 2 options, there is an indoor bit where you can sit down and have your meal or there is a take away window where you can order chips, hot dogs, ice creams, slush puppies, etc. quickly and can then take them down to the beach and eat them, in the hopefully glorious, weather!

 Be sure to check out these great cafes during your visit to Aberdeen, you won’t be disappointed!

Tags: Food & Drink

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