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03 Jul

Big Congratulations to our Managers!

Managing People for Growth

The course, which took place over one year, consisted of 8 fast-paced and action focussed one-day workshops designed to help our managers to think more strategically about how people affect the direction of the business. Core modules included personal development planning, effective communication skills, coaching and delegation. Responsible for 150 employees from a wide variety of cultures and backgrounds, our managers all agreed that the course was well worth the investment.

Here, the managers share some key take-aways and reflections of the past year in training:

Karen Barbour, Manager at Skene House Whitehall says “As a company, we are quite unusual within the hospitality industry, as we see the value in training and progression at all levels. We regularly hold in-house courses for staff members from all departments as well as responding to feedback from the annual staff surveys”.

Jan Millard, Manager at Skene House Rosemount agrees that “One of the key aspects to take away from the course was the importance of being an excellent communicator and facilitating good lines of communication between staff members.” In particular the managers cited learning about how to use body language to influence and how others can perceive and interpret body language as being vitally important in their day-to-day jobs.

Happy Work

Susan Aitken, Manager at Skene House Holburn says: “As a result of attending Managing People for Growth we are working on delegating more effectively through coaching and training relevant skills to the relevant people. This will give job satisfaction to the individual and also to us as managers by seeing our staff unlock their potential. One of our aims is to vastly improve our appraisal system.”

As Skene House HotelSuites continues to grow from strength to strength, senior management strongly believe in investing in people - after all happy staff = happy customers!

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