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TripAdvisor July 2015

"WOW. Skene House Rosemount"

TripAdvisor July 2015

"Great Location, Great Accommodation. Skene House Holburn"

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25 Mar

We're optimistic about summer! Teen Skene Recommends the best ice-cream in Aberdeen

Despite the cold weather, everyone is always in the mood for an ice cream. Aberdeen has a few great places to go when you want a quick, cold snack.

Everyone’s favourite is Baskin Robbins, sometimes known as “31 Flavours”. Aberdeen is home to 2 Baskins, one on Thistle Street and the other in the Bon Accord Centre – great for a quick snack after a long day shopping! With a flavour for everyone, you are sure to get something here you love! As well as ice cream, toppings, milkshakes, sundaes, ice cream cakes and much more different products are available. 

Prego, a small sandwich shop on Fountainhall Road also provides, in my opinion, some of the best ice cream you will ever taste. With many different flavours, some more fancy than others, the best ice cream out there is the white chocolate! For those who like toppings, Prego do a great toffee sauce and also have jars of sweets and sprinkles to go on top! With great prices and really great portion sizes, Prego is definitely a great place to go.

When the weather starts to brighten up, head down to the Beach where there are many different cafes all sell many flavours of ice cream. Buy one before you take a walk on the beach or buy one after to refuel. Aberdeen Beach is a great place to be when the weather is nice, however, be warned in not so nice conditions it is very cold so be sure to wrap up!  

 For those who are keen on visiting the surrounding areas to Aberdeen, “Aunty Bettys” in Stonehaven is the perfect place to go. This shop sells great ice cream (and also lots of sweeties for those who prefer!) and is also located next to Stonehaven Beach. A trip to Stonehaven is not complete without a visit to “Aunty Bettys”, one you will never forget!

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