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26 Feb

Aberdeen Outdoors

Aberdeen Sun

Hooray! The sun is shining in Aberdeen! To make the most of it, I went on a mission to find a suitable park to spend a beautiful sunny Sunday. I didn’t need to look far before I found Hazelhead Park on Google maps.

Great for all the family, the park is expansive and includes a pet's corner, rose gardens, and golf and football areas. But that’s not all, whilst strolling around, soaking up the sun, fresh air, and azaleas’, we stumbled upon a maze - the big kids in us couldn’t wait to try it out!

Starting off very enthusiastic and feeling invincible, a few too many (wrong) twists and turns started to turn our heads a bit and the mutual enthusiasm started to turn to competitiveness to see who could get us to the exit point successfully!

After a bit of debate as to who has the best sense of direction we resolved our issues over a scrumptious ice-cream from the cute terraced kiosk and whiled away some time simply-  people watching and intermittently reading the Sunday papers.

Don’t you just love eating ice-cream outdoors in February!

Tags: Activities, Well-Being

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