"Just Perfect Skene House Whitehall"

TripAdvisor July 2015

"Great Location for the City and it's a real home away from home! Skene House Rosemount"

TripAdvisor July 2015

"An actual flat! Skene House Holburn"

TripAdvisor July 2015

"Absolute perfection yet again. In a different league from other hotels."

TripAdvisor July 2015

"WOW. Skene House Rosemount"

TripAdvisor July 2015

"Great Location, Great Accommodation. Skene House Holburn"

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22 Feb

Fitness Suites

How to stay fit whilst you travel – we get many reviews about the lack of lifts in our properties, whilst we realise this is not convenient for some people we suggest that those who can, who are fit and able, should request the rooms on the third floor without a lift.....#tip no.1 keep fit without even putting your training gear on! 


I realise that might all sound a bit rude coming from a hotel, generally people check in to a hotel to get some rest and special treatment – such as people carrying your bags and doing your cleaning. But if you travel constantly for work, we’ve found that sometimes you crave a little bit of normality, and long for your exercise routine that you just can’t seem to find the time to do when you travel.

So we’re going to suggest some simple techniques that you can apply whilst travelling for business to ensure that you stay in shape and counterbalance all of those rich business lunches.

Map My Run provides maps of running tracks all over the UK: check out the variety of running tracks in Aberdeen. The winter weather has not put off the Aberdonian runners, every evening, come rain or shine, the Aberdonians are out on force braving the elements and staying fit. They also must be a happy bunch, imagine all the endorphins released after a great run in the crisp, fresh air. If you are more of a fair weather runner, the long summer evenings in Aberdeen means that you have no excuse about lack of time!

If you are staying at Skene House Holburn, why not try this Holburn run:


This one is also a pretty nice run around some of the best residential postcodes of Aberdeen:


Keep your eye on this blog for regular posts on how to keep fit whilst travelling!

Don't forget to ask our receptionists for day passes to Nuffield Fitness Centre.

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