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TripAdvisor July 2015

"WOW. Skene House Rosemount"

TripAdvisor July 2015

"Great Location, Great Accommodation. Skene House Holburn"

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19 Feb

The mystical, the magical, the stunning…Dunottar Castle.

I was literally blown away by the beauty of Dunottar Castle ....(or was it the gale force winds blowing in from the North sea).

Now, having lived in Ireland and Scotland for almost 30 years, I’ve seen my fair share of castles but nothing compares to this evocative cliff top fortress.

Set high up on a cliff top on the coastal route between Stonehaven and Dundee, only 30 minutes drive from Aberdeen, you can retrace the footsteps of William Wallace and Mary Queen of Scots and only imagine the history of days gone by.

On the cold and windy February day, we decided to travel to the castle in the warm cocoon of our car; however, for the more adventurous or athletic types, I would strongly recommend the 1 ½ mile hike from Stonehaven to Dunotttar Castle, taking in the fresh sea air and stunning coastal scenery. On the return to Stonehaven, why not reward yourselves with a local brew from one of the quaint harbour pubs (with terrace and harbour views!).

The castle is surrounded on three sides by the North Sea and accessed via a steep narrow track and steps. Once you reach the top of the castle rock you pay £5 to enter the castle grounds. Once there, you can let your imagination run wild - imagining one the most important battles of the Dark Ages, one of the first battles between the Scots and the English. Or, imagine Oliver Cromwell attempting to steal the crown jewels!

My favourite spot of the castle is the eerie Vault that once imprisoned 167 Covenanters. There is definitely something chilling about this room. However, the massive gape in the stone wall offers some impressive photo opportunities!

Click here for more information on Dunottar Castle.

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